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Our manifesto

Tired of reading sensational news and clickbait articles? Tired of feeling down because all the stories on your facebook feed are making you sad about life? Bliss is an attempt at making you feel better through content.

You need to be uplifted ? We got some stories for you.

You are focused and need to learn something new? We’ll find what you need.

Need some entertainment to lighten your mood? We’ll find that for you.

Our aim is to use technology to help you feel better on a day to day basis and building a proof of concept of the latest machine learning technology to detect sentiment, topics, intent, clickbaits and more. If you wish to participate in this adventure, contact us and let us know know how you can help. We will aim to develop tools to read better and enjoy your time online. Also we want to help detect despair, depression, anxiety and bullying in social conversations to help out people. This is for now a non profit but we might make this a business at some point. First, let’s start with a bunch of technologies and some good intent.

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